Mindfulness, Part 1: Becoming Aware

An Interview with Scott Dente, Co-Creator of Out of the Grey.

an antique gas lamp flickers with a tiny flame
a mysterious message in a bottle has washed up on a rocky shoreline

Dear Me,

She was only 3 days old. We knew something was off: her breathing a little labored, her body a bit limp in her mother’s arms. But her vitals were within range and the experts on the phone said everything seemed all right. What could be wrong with my granddaughter?

A young mother reads to her baby daughter who has a feeding tube in her nose and look of curiosity on her face.

The Wonder of What’s Coming

Christine Dente from Out of the Grey

I like FINDING LIFE IN THE BIGGER STORY and encouraging others to do the same! christinedenteoutofthegrey.com

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